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Our Specialties



For those building a new home or business, or simply upgrading and existing structure, "Custom Installation" offers top-tier electrical services from consulting and design to installation and integration.

We offer specialty lighting, advanced controlled outlets and digital switching systems, and even IP-based control for remote systems management.

We use the highest quality components, cabling and parts, and will make sure you’re not only up to code but also fully satisfied from every vantage point.



We have installed many advanced theater rooms, distributed audio and video systems, outdoor AV oases, audio and video conferencing systems, and much more.


Our AV department is second to none, able to integrate any feature you can think of, along with a host of both standard and cutting-edge capabilities.


With front-projection systems, integrated lighting solutions, multi-room audio and IP-based smartphone control being common to many of our ongoing projects.



Every home and business in today’s world relies on the use of networked systems, and although networking before applied only to computer systems that is no longer the case.


Standard modern use cases include streaming audio and video, smartphone and touchscreen-based control systems, VOIP telephony and video calling/conferencing, IoT (Internet of Things), etc.

Custom Installations is the premium choice for your networking needs.

Smart Technology

High-tech gadgetry is all the rage, with smartphone control being just one facet of the modern smart-home or business.


IoT (Internet of Things) offers vast new possibilities for smart control of just about anything you can possibly think of – and "Custom Installation" is here to offer all these myriad options to you, our esteemed client.


Smartphone control of lighting and fountains, for instance, is just another ‘day at the office’ for our highly-trained techs.


Climate Control

Out with the old and in with the new - this means your old thermostat can finally retire for a dream
vacation in attic storage! The new range of thermostats are not only fully digital but also network-controlled, meaning that you can ‘tell’ your house to start warming up (or cooling down) for your arrival from out of town, via your smartphone, PC, etc.


And multi-zone climate control will eliminate those ‘hot zones’ (or cold zones) that are all-too prevalent in the average home. Multi-zone systems will even allow you to set different temperatures in different areas – for instance, higher average temperatures in the in-law suite for those who are getting into their golden years...


Interior Design

For those homes and businesses that require the perfect look not only on the outside but also within, our interior design specialist can accentuate your project with any style imaginable.

We have done projects that range from elegant to industrial, including mid-century modern, bohemian, Scandinavian - or whatever your preference might be.

We'll incorporate furniture, lighting, painting, accents and artwork into your design, along with any other element you might require. 


Security / Surveillance
Access Control

Access control systems were once thought too advanced for home use – but many of the high-end access control systems that we’ve installed in businesses we are now installing in the homes of our upper-echelon clientele. The main reason for this is service personnel, and the need to have separate access codes for service and for family.


In this way, access codes for service personnel can be upgraded at any time – for instance, when a family switches to a new maid service. Family members continue to use their old access codes as if nothing has changed, making it highly convenient.


Whether for residential or for commercial use, many new and exciting access control options are now available; please contact us for more information.


Security is more important than ever before, and modern technology provides an extreme level of security with options galore. Whereas door/window sensors and motion sensors have been standard fare for years, you now have the option of glass-break sensors, ultrasonic sensors, photo-electric beams (including laser), and more.

And with the newest in surveillance technology, including IP-based cameras, full-time disk recording and motion-based video capture, you’ll never again be left in the dark when something goes ‘bump’ in the night.

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