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Some of Our Projects


The Rutledge family required 16 zones of distributed audio, and 8 zones of distributed video. They were very happy with the results.

Client quote:

"John from Custom Installations is a magician, and his team really impressed us."


The Jones' house was bound to be a gem of a property, and turned out to be just the case. Distributed media, security/surveillance, and digital entry were among the features that we provided.

Client quote:

"Custom Installations was always on time and paid full attention to the details that we needed - an excellent job."


We installed seven wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted TVs in the Hampton's amazing home. It's always a joy for us to work in such masterfully designed properties.

Client quote:

"John and Todd worked tirelessly to finish our installation before our big party. We're really happy we went with Custom Installations."


As an architect, the homeowner Ishmael designed the property himself - so his perfectionism was something that we were very eager to satisfy. He told us that we succeeded in that regard.

Client quote:

"It's so amazing having a new home with the latest in HD and smart technology. My family is thrilled."


We had fun doing an entertainment room with a bar - that's a nice rarity!

Client quote:

"Illia's team was really great, and delivered on every detail of our original requirments. Nice guys too."


Meg's house was like a museum with its low-relief walls and many other custom features.

Client quote:

"John and Daniel came in with a couple other guys and really impressed me with their service and demeanor. I'm really loving my networked audio!"


The Anderson's wanted the full package, with all kinds of IoT addons - it was a really fun project.

Client quote:

"Our new home is a dream, and Daniel even helped me put in my very first order with our new internet-connected refrigerator."


Ted and Kathy were the most detail-oriented clients we've had in a while - and the fact that they were happy with our service in the end says a lot about who we are.

Client quote:

"We're always skeptical about bringing in people we've never worked with, but Custom Installations ended up being a real winner for us."


The Benett's home is a true beauty, and their decorator handled all the design issues with rare grace.

Client quote:

"Illia's team came highly recommended by a friend, and now we can recommend them ourselves to others without any reservations whatsoever."


The Morgan's had a wide-open space, along with the coolest patio and windows around. It was a real joy working in that beautiful atomosphere.

Client quote:

"Custom Installations brings tons of expertise with them, proven by our considerable project."


Great rooms like the Owen's room are fun to work on - especially with such a vew.

Client quote:

"We had bad luck with our last AV contractor, so it was a relief when John, Todd and Joe finished up without a single issue."


Alexander's house had a neat combination of looks, and we helped them finish the look with some nice accent lighting.

Client quote:

"Don't hesitate to use Custom Installations - they're sure to impress you as they did us."


The Carson's house is wonderfully unique, as is their family. It was nice getting to know them just a little while we were on site.

Client quote:

"We wanted a lot of smart features - Henry and Steven delivered everything we could think of, most of it controlled by our smartphones."


Susan was very particular about the look and feel of things, so we really took our time to make sure she was completely satisfied.

Client quote:

"John probably got tired of my hovering over him, but he was so good about it and completed every little thing on my exhaustive list. Amazingly thorough."

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